High UV resistance, high heat resistance, high scratch and abrasion resistance, color stability, nonporous and ultra-fine structure, high bending strength and high soil resistance.


Dekton is a sophisticated blend of quartz glass and porcelain materials. Dekton is manufactured with ultra compression technology and therefore it is very thin, although very durable. Dekton can be used in the kitchen, the bathrooms, the floors, surfaces, and especially in heavily used floors.



High UV resistance

Dekton will not be damaged by sunlight due to the high UV resistance. It can be used in interior and exterior. There won’t be any change or fading in the colour because of the sunlight.

High scratch resistance

Dekton is the highest scratch resistance counter on the market. It can’t be scratched with knife.

High heat resistance

Dekton has high heat resistance. You can put your hot pots directly on it without hesitation.

High abrasion resistance

Especially the surfaces such as granite shows abrasion in time and must be re-polished. On the other hand, Dekton will not suffer any abrasion until the end of its life due to its high abrasion resistance properties. It does not require polishing and re-polishing process.

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High soil resistance

Dekton does not get dirty due to the structural specifications. Leaving the most stains on the surface; coffee, wine, and rust materials such as pencil, does not leave stains on Dekton.
In addition, thanks to its high chemical resistance, it is not damaged by the cleaning agents used in the home (household bleach, dry cleaning materials, etc.).

Nonporous Structure

Dekton is nonporous. Therefore it is water and gas resistance. This enables it to be more durable and easy to clean.

Color Constancy

Due to the pigment control used in the production technology, Dekton does not show color differences. It also does not fade and change colour in time.

Ultra Thin Structure

Dekton is ultra thin due to the compression techniques.

High bending strength

Dekton has 5 times more bending strength of granite. Therefore, it is impact resistant. It can be used in roads and walking paths.